Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bear Mountain 3.5k Summit Challenge - Feb. 17, 2008

I signed up for this race only a few days before the event. This race was not really on my radar, but I was emailed by the race organizer to 'please enter'. They gave me an entry fee of $10, so it was hard to pass that deal up.

The family joined me for this one. We all packed ourselves into the car, and we took the long drive out to the top of the mountain. It was a brisk morning, but the sun was out, and considering the time of the year, there cannot be any complaints.

After doing a small warm-up, everyone loaded up on board the school busses and we drove to the bottom of the mountain. This was the start of the race. The race had 94 entries. I had no expectations of any kind for this race, but when I saw Gary Duncan in the event, I had my sights set on him.

The race sarted. My goal going in was just to conserve going up the first half of the course, because it was steep. It was really steep. I cruised up the first hill briskly, but still felt like my pace was good. The elites infornt of me were all familiar faces. The Westshore Frontrunner Boys led the way, with myself and Gary Duncan shoulder to shoulder in the next group. As the hills kept coming, and as the race continued, the elites infront eventually took off, and Gary did eventually pass me. At the 2k mark, the course went a direction on the mountain I had never been on. The course went up Nicklaus Dr., which takes you to the very top of the mountain. Well in excess of where the hotel is located.

The last 2 hills were brutal. They were really steep. However, I knew the end was near so I pushed it. I had only been passed by 1 person, and damned if I was going to get passed by any more. At the top of the 1st hill was the family. Janelle yelled "Go Daddy!", and then Teagan followed. As I got to them, Teagan tried to run and catch up to me (see photo). The final hill was shorter, but steeper. the finish line was at the top, on a 45 degree slope. I finished the race strong. I did catch up a bit to Gary infront of me, but not enough to catch him.

It was a great race for me. I finished in 8th place overall, and did it in a time of 16:12. This time doesn't mean anything really, but maybe worth noting for next year. I did finish 1st in my age class though!

It was a cruel race. But, it was a race that was somewhat my style. I love dem hills.

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