Monday, October 13, 2008

Off-Season Training - Sept. 21 to Nov.4

I decided at the end of the summer that the GLW would be the last run for me for a little while. The knee tendonitis I had experiencing was not improving, and I was strongly recommended by a physio to take some time off to strengthen.
I had considered doing this in 2007, but I was enjoying running too much to take any time off.
So, my off-season training started.
I consulted my sister and another physio to get a training program in place. The goal would be 'Stronger, not Bigger.'
I have been spending time developing strength in my core, and my legs. I am definitely getting stronger, but only time will tell if, and how it impacts my running. For the time being, I do not think that taking time off from running has impacted my knee issue. It still bugs me time to time, in spite of me not running. This one sure is a mystery.
Yesterday, was the Roaly Victoria Marathon. It absolutely killed me not to take part this year, but I firmly beleive that the training I am doing right now will help me long-term.
It sometimes can be harder standing on the sidelines watching, rather than participating. But, sometimes these things need to be done.
I am also using this off-time to ponder what events and adventures 2009 will hold.
As for now, it is my intention not to race until mid-December, at the Stewart Mountain 10 Miler.

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