Monday, April 12, 2010

Injured Again? wtf!

Well, after taking some Vitamin I and PBing at the Comox 1/2, the injured back has continued to be injured. Over the past 3.5 weeks of the back injury, I have seen Dr. Cindy Berna 5 times now, and my back has pretty much been realigned.
It has been an extremely frustrating time for me. I feel fine...until I try running. And this recent injury could not have happened at a worse time for me. I am currently registered for 3 upcoming races: the E/B 50k, the TC 10k, and the Sooke 10k. It is peak running season, and I will be dropping out of all 3 of these races.
Dropping out of the Sooke 10k is a killer for me mentally. I have worked my ass off over the past few months getting my speed up and nailing PBs at every distance. I am currently sitting 2nd in my age class and 25th overall in the Island Series, and all of that will be lost when I do not race this weekend.
Emotionally, the past few weeks have been difficult. And the fact that my back is in a constant 'achy-pain' feeling does not help the matter.
However, with every challenge comes an opportunity to strengthen up and rise up to that challenge. I have been staying in shape by doing some deep water running sessions in the pool, as well as some spin biking. No, it is not running, but hell, it is something. I still feel that if I can work hard in this brief non-running phase, I should be able to come back and fit in right where I was.
On a good note, it appears for the time being that my Achilles problem has cleared up. This is what non-running will do with chronic injuries. I am thinking that 3 more weeks of focused stretching, exercise and rehab will put me on a path to being where I was by the middle of May.
At this point, I am not sure what 2010 will bring. I have some ideas of potential biggish events for the summer and for the fall, but again, not sure.
I am awaiting a reply email from Bob Wall, and his ideas could change everything for me in 2010.
Again, I am thinking 3 more weeks of this, and then we will see my return.

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