Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Racing and Training Update 2011

Well, and so it goes that actually continuing my blog in 2011 didn't really happen. There were just way too many higher priority things in my life that took up the time. Therefore, I will try and provided a brief snapshot of my year thus far.
The year started off with me racing in 6 of the Island Series races. My goal in 2011 was to focus more on the mid-distance stuff, and leave the long stuff out for a while.
The results (which spanned January through to April) went as follows:
Pioneer 8k - 29:52
Cobble Hill 10k - 38:36
Hatley Castle 8k - 31:38
Bazan Bay 5k - 18:17
Merville 15k - 58:12
Sooke 10k - 38:33
While my times were good and fairly consistent, I was slightly disappointed that I was unable to PB at any of the distances. I was consistently ~45 seconds slower in all the races.
I felt great about my races at Hatley Castle & Merville, but the others felt a little sluggish. I say this because I felt that my training was pretty damn good, especially at the TNWs where I was kicking derriere for most of the season.
However, I did accomplish my goal to do well in the standings, and I was pretty excited to come 3rd in my age group, 38th overall - good enough to win a free t-shirt :).
Next year, it would be nice to perform as I did in 2010, but I think sleep and stress have a direct corrolation with my performance.

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