Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Go on you good thing

So the month of February has been a little difficult for me. The running, however, has been going great. I have built up my long run to 28k now, and I am on schedule for my required training plan for the E/B 50k. The Tuesday interval workouts have also been great, and I have enjoyed these thoroughly. I have been following the Harriers for these, but if the scheduled workout is too "downhilly" I have chosen to play it safe and do my usual flat interval route the following day instead.
The reason why I saying that things have been difficult is that the frequency has not been all. I have been running consistently 3 times per week only, and the base mileage barely cracking the 40k mark. This is surely nowhere near it needs to be.
It has been difficult balancing work, my role as the Provincial Badminton Commissioner, and being a good dad to 3 children. It is my hope that with the badminton coming to an abrupt end next weekend, that I will be able to have more time and focus for my training. I also have fallen off the wagon with my core training, and this will need to be there if I am to be at the top of my game this year. I rely on doing my training mostly at work (break times), but these 'windows of opportunity' have simply not been there.
My knee has been alright. It has never given me trouble when I run, but it has been sore from time to time after my runs. This has been a little concerning as of late. I fear that this year may be a year - again - where I cope with this knee thing until September. I may in fact need to take September/October/November off again to fix the knee. If it gets progressively worse over the year, then an MRI may be in the works as well. However, I am still hopeful that the knee will slowly get better over the next few weeks (as I have been told it is supposed to).
Time will only tell.
I still remain cautious, but am wanting to step up my training, so that I can compete at the level that I know I am able.
I am aiming for 4 times of running this week, and the usual core exercises, so hopefully it happens. I am certainly committed, I just need the time.

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Packman said...

Hi Jeff,

I can empathize with fitting training in. To mantain good family relations, work, everthing else, I go early in the morning. Sometimes as early as 4:30am to fit in long runs during the weekdays. (It can mean only sleeping for 5 hours at night, though!)

Anyway, hope the recovery goes well and see you at Elk/Beaver.