Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back on the Racing Circuit

After a solid month of training in January, I have now full optimism that I will be back to my old self very soon. Last week, I ran my usual Henderson intervals as fast as I have ever run them in my life. Last Harriers workout, I was right in with the top guys. My speed definitely looks good.
As for my distance, I am up to 22k - which is great so far. If someone told me at the end of December that I would be in this condition at the end of January, I would be very satisfied.
I am still just running 3 days per week, which is not nearly enough, but keeping my knee in top condition - which includes rest - is paramount. I hope to bump the frequency up in a couple of weeks.
In the last couple of days, I also entered my first race. The Elk/Beaver 50k race will definitely be the first "A" race of the year for me. I will likely sign up for the Comox Valley 1/2 Marathon as a good lead-up race as well. The Comox Race is on March 22nd, so that leaves me with 5 weks until my first race.
In that time, I will look to build my distance, maintain my speed, and get sronger for what should be a great year of running.

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Gary Robbins said...

Glad you're back on your feet and feeling good Jeff!
Might see you at E-B in May.