Monday, December 22, 2008

All Systems Go - December 22, 2008

While some days in life you may question how could your day possibly get any worse, there are days which counter this argument, and just end up being great days. Today was a great day.
After getting just over 30 cm of snow over the past 24 hours, Victoria residents were pretty much slowed down completely today.
This rare occurrence meant that the day would be a snow day. And, I love snow. Two things on the agenda now: playing outside with the kids, and shovelling the driveway. After spending much of the morning shovelling the driveway and the entire cul-de-sac, I went back to my door to find two bottles of wine there. The wine was a thank you gift from our neighbors for shovelling our shared road.
A thought came to me while working away. I thought that the snow might mean there would be some other people cancelling to see Dr. Jamie Grimes, and that I could take their spot. Originally, I had been booked for Jan. 5th for my final appointment, but I saw a real opportunity here to see the doctor that was very hard to get a hold of.
Sure enough, there was a time in the afternoon free, so I made the booking with much excitement.
At the appointment, I told him that my last appointment (with a fill-in substitute doctor) was not entirely successful. Dr. Grimes confessed that the fill-in doctor did not have much experience, and that he would Shockwave me for free today as compensation. This was very cool, as these treatments are ordinarily $200 a shot. Cool. The extra treatment could only benefit my recovery, and not harm it in any way.
He also told me that I could initiate running once again, starting in 2 weeks. He also told me that it would be around this time that I would start to notice some improvement with my knee. This was the great news I was really looking for from him. Awesome.

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