Monday, December 22, 2008

Running Event Planning - 2009

My recent time off from running has given me much time to consider what I would like to accomplish in 2009 with my races. Obviously there will be much work early in the year to get my mileage and strength up. I will continue to focus on long-distance endurance events. In my opinion, trail is preferable to road. Having a baby boy 2 months ago, and now having a family of 5 will keep me grounded somewhat for the time being. One day, I foresee doing some 'destination' races, but as for now, I am content tackling the local events and the local trails.
In my list of races, the key races will be those long-distance races. I have 5 ultra planned, and that is both ambitious and exciting for a novice ultra runner.

The Nootka Trail will be done this year, finalling finishing the major coastal trails of the Island. I am pretty sure the time will not be as important as just completing it, and enjoying the experience.
The E/B 50k will be one where I attempt to run a consistent 50k distance without walking. This is always much easier said than done.
The 63k Great Walk will take the place of the Kusam Klimb this year. I will hopefully cruise out in front for the duration of the race with Myke Labelle.
Again, the JdF Trail will be done once again in August. I imagine not trying to be a record-setter this year, and hopefully I will be a bit more social this year with the group I run with.
After that, the rest of the year is slightly uncertain. The 56k Great Lake Walk begs me once again. I really hope that if it does happen, then it happens with a little less walking!

2009 Races:

  • Jan-Apr Island Series (I have no idea how many I will be able to do)
  • Mar Nootka Trail 35-40k
  • Apr TC 10k
  • Apr-July GutBuster Series (I have no idea how many I will be able to do)
  • May Elk/Beaver 50k
  • May Campbell River 56k or Oak Bay 1/2
  • June 6 Great Walk 63k
  • July 19 Full Monty 50k
  • July 26 Esquimalt 8k
  • Aug Juan de Fuca 47k (North to South)
  • Sept Great Lake Walk 56k
  • Oct Shawnigan Lake 1/2
  • Nov Bazett Farm XC
  • Dec Stewart Mountain XC 16k


Myke said...

North to south of the JdF? i'm totally game!

Brad Holmes said...

Hi Jeff Brad Holmes here when do you plan to do this run ? My friend Wanneta is interested, let me know we could share the expenses.
Cheers Brad

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