Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Injury Update - Dec. 3, 2008

At this point the Shockwave Treatments are now completed. The treatments were painful, but hopefully they work. As I understand it, my knee has now been 'triggered' (at the bone and tendon level) to activate a response to stimulate healing.
The chiropractor, Jaime Grimes, has reassured me throughout saying that for my type of injury, I have a 93% chance of a full recovery. Now that the treatments are done, I have 4 weeks of recovery (ie. doing nothing) to let my knee heal. After these 4 weeks, I have a follow-up meeting with him, and pending a positive result, I will be running again on a fully recovered knee.
I expect things to work out. My knee has already showed signs of improvement. At this point, I just have to be cautious to not do too much.
I have Janaury 1st as a target date for my return to running. I hope to be training with the Harriers on January 6th. I hope to race again as early as February.
December will, no doubt, be a frustrating month for me. Waiting is often the hardest part. I have been told that I can remain active, but only in a non-impact way.
As a result, I have crafted a December program involving bike windgates, deep water running, and core workouts. Provided I can stick to this program, and not over-do it at the same time, I should stay in pretty decent shape.
My fingers are crossed that everything works out!

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