Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back at 'er

So, it is now mid-January and I am feeling that my knee has been good enough for some small runs. This past week, I completed three trial runs - 5k, 5k, and a 6k. For the last run, I wore a knee-brace and patella tendon band, and it seemed to be quite good. Then last Sunday in the early morning, I strapped on my knee brace once again, and a head-light for the first time and ran a steady 10k around the lakes. Yes it was slow - 47 minutes to be exact. But who cares? I ran 10k and it felt just fine. This run gave me the confirmation I needed to rejoin the Harriers for their Tuesday Night Workouts.
So last night I went to my first running club training in over 6 months. My old friends were there and it was great to see them again. The workout went just great. I took things a little easy, but still performed quite well. My plan was simple: go easy, get some benefit from the training, and don't injure yourself by pushing too much.
It is now the next day and my knee feels alright. It feels a little stiff, but there is no pain. I am hopeful that as long as I take things slowly in January, that I can make a return to my "old self" soon enough.
My motto right now is: "Take it easy and enjoy the fact that you can run. Good things come to those who wait..."

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